Custom iOS App Development

Reaching customers in today’s mobile environment requires a professional iOS app developer. Companies promises great results. However, only a few developers are able to meet the challenge. You can trust Covenant Digital Solutions will exceed your expectations when it comes to iOS app development.

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Custom Android App Development

At Covenant Digital Solutions, we excel at Android application development. Worldwide, there are more Android applications in use than any other operating system. Our experience enable us to deliver faultless applications that operate on multiple devices without any setbacks.

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Amazon Fire App Development

Covenant Digital Solutions can customize your Android application for submission to the Amazon App Store. A great way to expand your app’s audience.

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Custom API Development

API development helps two independent systems communicate with each other through a programming interface. Covenant Digital Solutions can create customized API systems that will increase your productivity online or through a mobile application.

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Mobile App Development

A mobile app can be a great marketing tool for any company, enabling you to reach millions of customers worldwide. It can also be a useful as a sales tool or as a way to help reduce costs or improve operational efficiencies. Covenant Digital Solutions specializes in custom iOS, Amazon, and Android app development.  Additionally, we provide cross-platform development and hybrid apps for business needs.

Have a mobile app idea that you want to bring to life?

As you evaluate your business and its needs, you undoubtedly have some good ideas.  Development of specific mobile apps may be at the top of your list. Mobile apps offer several advantages. Specifically, they use the native features of the operating system they are built for; they can work offline; they can be downloaded from an app store; and they can be launched in a few seconds.

We take your ideas and turn them into customized, target-specific apps, putting your company’s information at the fingertips of current and potential customers worldwide. We can develop a mobile app customized just for your sales team. Alternatively, we can create an app available to all potential customers from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon App Store. Your own mobile app can help you increase brand recognition, decrease overhead, and increase sales.

Our developers work with a variety of technologies to bring your app to life. Working with existing frameworks and libraries, we make your transition to the mobile platform easier. From storyboard to production, we will work with you to get your app out the door and into your users’ hands.